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Chairwoman's Message

“Its GO Time” The BLACK VOTE isn't just an element within the electoral process; it's a pivotal force that shapes the future of our democracy. Despite its undeniable importance, it has been consistently undervalued and overlooked. It's time for a bold change. We stand at a crucial juncture, ready to champion and propel forward The Texas Agenda for Black America. Our voices, our votes, have been marginalized for far too long. Yet, we now stand empowered, fully aware of the influence we wield.

Embracing the spirit of the "Lift Every Voice" (LEV) agenda, we are committed to ensuring that The Texas Agenda for Black America embodies a vision that is unapologetically inclusive of Black voices and votes. This agenda isn't just a list of goals; it's a testament to our determination to see that our contributions are recognized and that our voices are heard loud and clear in every aspect of societal progress.


We are not just asking; we are demanding that our presence be acknowledged within this vital agenda. It's time to move beyond mere recognition to active inclusion and participation. Let's come together, united in purpose and action, to ensure that the power of the Black vote is not just acknowledged but celebrated and harnessed for the collective betterment of our community and our nation.


Together, we have the power to redefine the political landscape and ensure that our democracy truly reflects the diversity and strength of its people. Let's embrace this moment with courage and conviction, knowing that our actions today will pave the way for a more inclusive, equitable, and thriving future for all.

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